Bratislava Fashion Days 2018 by Mercedes-Benz / Slovak Designers


Jana Pistejova

Jana has been working in the fashion industry for more than 20 years, dressing well-known people at home and abroad. World of Haute Couture is regularly enriched with her great ideas and visions. Her signature represents femininity in sophisticated and sexy submissions. Jana knows not only to work intensively, but also to enjoy a life well. Freedom and life energy just emanate from Jana´s design. Fashion is a big party where you can definitely shine in a dress by Jane Pistejova.

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Jana Jurcenko

Jana is one of the most prestigious fashion designers of the Slovak catwalk who dresses well-known people both at home and abroad. She was always fascinated by fine arts, inspired by nature and determined by feelings. She likes to design a noble party dress for the most important VIP events. Her design manuscript elaborates on details, new design visions and the implementation of sophisticated elements perfectly portraying femininity.

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Ema Klein

Ema combines female elegance and minimalism with a pinch sexy elements that make her collections irresistible. Fashion has been with Ema since childhood as her mother is a costume designer. She presented the first collection when being only 16 years old during The Nitra Theatrical Days. The aforementioned irresistibility of her design was noticed by several well-known people, and Ema has quickly become part of the show business. She constantly surprises, innovates and creates inspirational trends underlining youth, life energy and emancipation.

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Nicollas Berenique

Exclusive menswear and tailor-made suits are not frequent jewels of fashion shows. The classic English gentleman’s style refreshed by Italian elegance combining the vision of a real man-made of the finest materials? Yes, welcome to the prestigious men’s tailoring Nicollas Berenique established by Nikolet Kostuova and Veronika Domsitzova. Moreover, a designer Patrik Badom emphasizes trendy design and modern look. Thus, they have created a real menswear jewel.

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Zuzana Hakova

Zuzana is an exclusive Slovak fashion designer, whose main design features are one-colour dress, elegance and femininity.  She often finds inspiration in her own independence and talent. Anyway, she created the first dress when being only eight years old. The great advantage of Zuzana’s fashion design is a certain versatility – whether you are enjoying Italian or French fashion or looking for something else, you will surely find it in her collections.

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