Lydia Eckhardt - The Perfect Fashion Show "In The Fairy Tale"

The phenomenon of the Slovak fashion scene, the perfectionist in every detail and the human character developing the harmony of relationships – this is Lydia Eckhardt, a fashion designer. For over 27 years, she has been contributing to the fashion industry with amazing design, beautiful collections and unforgettable world-class fashion shows.

On November 9, 2018, another great fashion show was held in Bratislava, where Lydia Eckhardt introduced new autumn-winter collections. The inspiration for it was found in real fairy tales that were once read to children. In order to make a child’s fairy tale interesting, the parent had to create an atmosphere and bring a child to the stage. That’s exactly what happened during the fashion show “In The Fairy Tale” where Lydia Eckhardt created an unforgettable story of a magical world in which the guests became part of it.

“Who enters my house, becomes my friend, if not, I can not dress him.”

The exceptional nature of this fashion show had also a personal touch for me. The official ad campaign, invitation, and fashion show catwalk were arranged in a visual of the photo I took. For a photographer, it is an honour and works recognition.

The main picture of the fashion show.

Lydia Eckhardt and Rob Piroska

The official invitation to the show, handwritten – A Personal Photographer

As a personal photographer of Lydia Eckhardt fashion shows, I was responsible for the entire fashion show (backstage, catwalk pictures, candid shots) in terms of taking pictures. How was it? 

Photographers understand fashion shows differently than guests. They can see much more than just a perfectly organized event and charming atmosphere. 

From the photographer’s point of view, the following applies: Just as the only perfect work of art leaves Lydia hands which can be described as – invention, beauty and perfect workmanship of Haute Couture; the photographer is also responsible for the same quality results when it comes to pictures. Quoting Lydia Eckhardt: “What is the most important thing to realize is that life is one big premiere and a repeat will not happen.”

Lydia Eckhardt Team

You are at the position – the end of a runway, holding the camera, you have gone through and checked everything, and in a few seconds it all starts – what a moment! I always think that I only have one attempt to capture the amazing work that Lydia Eckhardt and her team put into the show when creating all those dresses. However, this is not enough, believe me. 

I want to capture a sort of authentic look, highly professional pictures that not only Lydia Eckhardt but also her clients could associate with and appreciate their value. How amazing is to see happy people, those little tears of absolute happiness and fashion which has been developing for more than 27 years? I am very happy to be a part of Lydia Eckhardt fashion shows since I can contribute to it with the value of my work – photography. 

Lydia Eckhardt and models.

One of the most important elements which help me with my work is a perfect light. From a technical point of view, it is very important that a continuous light illuminating the runway has the same intensity and chromaticity (colour temperature) as the daylight (5000 K – 5600 K), and is constant throughout the runway. Under these lighting conditions, the colours and patterns of the models stand out. The Slovak company, providing the complete technical realization of the fashion show, brings the most technologically advanced solutions, which significantly contributes to the quality of my work – excellent pictures. 

Once you have a good quality team, a company that understands the technical aspects of a fashion show/light and a great organization, you are on the right track for perfect results. Also, let’s note that the show had almost 100 models that were equally valuable. I had to capture all of them in the same quality, so each picture tells a story and presents the work of Lydia Eckhardt. And, this is just a matter of photographic experience and virtuosity of ideas how, when and why to press the shutter button.

An unforgettable story became a reality, we experienced “The Fairy Tale”. Even when it’s over, we have beautiful pictures that you can see in the gallery. Let me tell you that the next exclusive fashion show of Lydia Eckhardt will take place on May 7, 2019, under the title “To the Flower Garden”. 

Official website of Lydia Eckhardt:

Her fashion designer career has begun with a self-made dress. Like every young girl, Lydia Eckhardt liked to wear nice things. Since at that time, the offer in the Slovak fashion stores was a bit simple, she decided to take it all, literally, into her own hands. She firstly created some apparel for herself and later for the friends. However, then a great opportunity appeared – fashion designer casting for a TV show of Emma Tekely called Fashion Studio. Lydia won it with her first fashion collection – Safari. 

Lydia Eckhardt has been one of the most famous faces of the fashion industry in Slovakia for over 27 years. Every year, she presents her new collections at fashion shows both at home and abroad, presenting herself through high-class social events. Her dresses are worn by a number of well-known celebrities, political figures, cultural and social representatives, as well as her mother, school friends, or fashion magazine editors.

Fashion is not just for watching but for people to wear it. Women love dresses from Lydia Eckhardt fashion studio. Partly, because Mrs Eckhardt is inspired by people themselves. She sees them, responds individually to their needs, looks for trends on the street, especially in Italy. Coco Chanel is the author of her motto: “He who comes into my house must become my friend.” And indeed, Lydia Eckhardt is a very friendly and pleasant woman. As she says, a fashion salon is a completely different form of sales than a retail high street business. There is a third dimension in it, a certain form of grandeur when a fashion designer puts a piece of herself in each model.

Lydia Eckhardt can be proud of dozens of beautiful collections, magnificent fashion shows, awards at home and abroad. She, however, is most grateful for the fact that her employees have remained faithful to her since she started with the business on May 2, 1991.

Lydia Eckhardt - 25th Anniversary Video Presentation (in the Slovak language)

Photo Gallery

“In the Fairy Tale” – a fashion show by Lydia Eckhardt, more than one hundred models, beautiful Fiorangelo shoes and handbags of the talented Slovak designer Dajana Rodriguez.