Photo Test: Rebeka Vyskocova - It´s Fun!

The photographer’s life means constant travelling and carrying the equipment, cleaning the lenses, charging the batteries and never-ending pictures editing. However, there is a pearl of wisdom – it is a pleasure to take pictures of professional models because they know how to pose – but how does a girl or a guy get to this stage?

As we say, practice makes perfect. This is a very true statement in modelling. Beginning models must practice and practice in order to get to a professional level. The question is – where, with who and how?

When I have some spare time, I go out with my friends’ photographers to do some photo tests. By this, I strongly support beginning models since I am sharing photography tips, posing recommendations and I speak about the practice in the big fashion world. In other words, I develop the concept of talent enhancement.

“I like shooting with Rob Piroska because I can use the final photos for my portfolio, plus it’s a great experience,” Rebeka said.

A person achieves a professional level of work by the fact that during his activity he will lose the feeling that he is photographing according to certain directives or under stress. As Rebeka says, it is fun!

Model – Rebeka Vyskocova –

What does a photo test mean?

The English test shoot (s) means “trial” photographs that give a basic idea of the possibilities of the photo model, her photogenicity for a specific project, respectively.  It can also be a presentation photo taken for a model who has no professional portfolio.

As a rule, various depictions, facial expressions, viewing angles, light patterns, etc. are tested. Usually, the first photo test is free – testing the quality of future collaboration and suitability for individual projects. Professional models who want to expand the portfolio will pay for themselves. As a result, there are usually 3 to 5 final photos. More photos are usually not necessary as they can barely capture more quality. In addition, there is no common sense to get 24 similar photos. I prefer to choose the only one – the best of best and attach it to the portfolio.

The TFP abbreviation means “Time For Print,” which is in the free translation “Time for Photos”. The model is being photographed without the right to be paid, and the photographer does not charge anything for the job and photos. The result is a win-win situation. The model gets photos that can be presented and the photographer gets more pictures into the portfolio. The most important factor is gaining experience – a model can practice different poses, communicate with a photographer, and try out a style of work for a particular project. The photographer acquires skills not only in the technical aspect, composition or capturing the best moment but also in the ability to lead a project, for instance, for a modelling magazine, editorial or advertisement.