The Necessity of Professional Modeling Poses

A beautiful model with great potential and portfolio has no modelling job offers. How is this possible? There might be more reasons, however, there is a common one. Creative directors, modelling production houses and top photographers always look for professional models able to pose. They must be stunning looking, of course. Nevertheless, without the ability to properly pose, their chances of getting real modelling jobs are very low, unfortunately. 

Why is it so important to pose like a professional model?

  • producers look at the overall performance of models matching the beauty, elements of being attractive and market demands at that particular time
  • there is no time to learn – the modelling industry needs so-called ready-made models that know what to do 
  • models must know which poses suit them the most – when they look stunning and modelling friendly (they can get the attention of the public)
  • proper poses reduce the cost and time – consequently, those models, photographers and producers earn much more money as they can do things quickly
  • professional modelling poses sell a model – if you know how to pose, you can get a job

Common modelling mistakes

  • a model have no idea which poses are the best for her
  • a modelling book contains many photographs but doesn´t emphasise on proper posing – it is all just boring
  • a regular pose with a hand on the left hip is not enough – classic poses are good for a test photoshoot, but not enough for professional modelling where creative poses are required
  • a sort of body mismatch – body poses in one way, a face and eyes are doing something else
  • photoshop adjustments of light, shadows and the overall scene have some effects, however, not so much in high-fashion
  • education – models should follow the trends – which poses are popular, required and used by the iconic fashion magazines and brands

In my work, I try to help models to understand all the above mentioned since I want them to be successful. 

REMEMBER: You can learn how to pose and get it right, it takes some time. Please, practice. It´s a great investment in a modeling career!

In the following video, you can see posing for a modeling photo and realize the importance of the work of the photographer and the producers.